Families around the country and in the Colorado and Wyoming regions are opting to add space to their existing homes rather than moving. Many people simply can’t afford to move to larger homes in different neighborhoods. Others like where their homes are located and don’t want the hassle of moving. When they tour their home with a contractor looking for ways to add living space, the basement may standout. When it is possible to renovate a basement into pleasant living space, the advantages make the project worth the investment.

Can This Basement Be Turned Into Usable, Pleasant Living Space?

A renovation contractor can look at the basement space and determine if it can be renovated successfully. The contractor can outline possible solutions and estimate the cost of each solution. There are basements that were never designed to be anything but a home foundation and storage space. Older homes may have basements that have too low ceilings for comfortable living. The basement may be too small to add enough living space to justify remodeling costs. There may not be room to build a safe stairway. There may be too few, or too small windows to meet code.

If the homeowner is fortunate enough to have a basement that can be cost-effectively renovated, the benefits of basement rennovations are substantial. The added square footage will increase the value of the home. A well-designed basement space can add needed living space for the family. The added space will allow for better use of the rest of the home.

Windows Are Important

When the basement renovation is being planned, it is important to find space for adequate egress basement windows. The windows help with basement ventilation, light, and a spacious feeling. They also allow anyone in that space to escape if there is a home emergency such as fire or flooding.

Local building codes will demand adequate egress window placement in each room. The size, placement, and installation are very important. Local companies such as Basement Escape have the correct type of windows and installation services for these below grade windows. Egress windows must be secure, yet allow fast opening and escape from the inside. They must be installed with proper outside window wells. Go to the website for more information on egress windows.